Sika® Arctic Overlay

Silica-Fume and Fiber-Reinforced, Micro Concrete For Structural
Concrete Repair and High Quality Re-Surfacing of Concrete Slabs

Sika® Arctic Overlay is a prebagged micro concrete with adjustable workabillity to meet project performance and placement requirements. It can receive Sika's industrial coatings and flooring materials and has been specifically developed to reduce heat generation. Therefore. large volume repairs may be performed without addition of aggregates. With its high silica fume content and combination of pozzolanic binders, a highly dense, impervious and hence durable repair micro concrete is obtained. Sika® Arctic Overlay contains a combination of three pozzolanic binders, silica fume, fibres, graded aggregates and a powerfull 4th generation superplasticizer based on our Viscocrete technology.

  • Prebagged at the factory - consistent quality
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Good workabillity characteristics
  • Suitable for large repairs
  • High ultimate strengths
  • Very dense and durable
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Chloride and iron-free
  • Impact and vibration resistant