Sika (Thailand) Co., Ltd. introduce SikaTop® Seal -107 (A+B) in new packaging 5 kgs / set which can be used within one time, suitable for small areas.


20 kg/ set
Component A: 4.55 kg / pail
Component B: 20.45 kg / bag

5 kg / set (New!!)
Component A: 0.9 kg / pail
Component B: 4.1 kg / bag


  • Interior  and exterior waterproofing of concrete, cementitious rendering, brickwork,  etc.
  • Universal waterproofing applications
  • Basement walls, ponds, wetrooms, retaining walls, bridges, facades, balconies, terraces, etc


  • Waterproofing  and concrete protection with one product
  • Easy to apply by brush, trowel or spray
  • Sealing fine hairline cracks in concrete structures
  • Protects concrete against carbonation
  • Very good adhesion
  • Approved for potable water contact