SikaCeram® Premium Grout

SikaCeram® Premium Grout is a one-pack premixed grout consisting of high quality cements, selected silica/quartz sands and specific additives, for grouting gaps from 1-6 mm width. The specialized additives in the powder provide active protection and prevention against mold, bacteria and fungi growth, which can stain the grout and cause damage/crumbling. The new coloring system keeps the colours from fading over time. SikaCeram® Premium Grout is also water resistant, which makes it suitable for use in applications such as tanks, pools, etc.

Special Property
  • High bonding, High degree of hardness and abrasion resistant
  • Water-repellent
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi Hygienic
  • Does not contain harmful Volatile Organic Substances
More Information
Colour and Packaging

1 and 20 kg bag for White, Cream, Grey, Black, Brown and Terracotta

1 kg bag for Blue, Green and Pink

Tile Adhesive

SikaCeram® - Tile adhesive for all types of tiles, Long-lasting, Easy-to-use, Can be used anywhere. SikaCeram® has a variety of formulas based on different usage.

Tile Adhesives SikaCeram®
SikaCeram® - Tile Adhesive

SikaCeram® Blue   
For ceramic tiles in horizontal and vertical surface/internal and external.

SikaCeram® Green   
For ceramic tiles, marble, granite, mosaic in horizontal and vertical surface/ internal and external.

SikaCeram® Red+ 
For ceramic tile, low porous ceramic tile, mable, sandstone, granite, mosaic, etc.

SikaCeram® Gold+   
For Layingceramic tiles of all types, porcelain, even in large sizes, swimming pools and industrial flooring areas.

SikaCeram® Silver+ 
For laying non porous ceramic tile, natural stone in horizontal and vertical surface/ internal and external. Suitable for wet area applications.