Sika has been successful as a technology company for more than 100 years. From the outset, sustainability has been a core element of the company's strategy and for the majority shareholder, the founder's family.

In dialog with internal and external stakeholders, Sika defined the six target indicators with the largest potential effect.

More Value

Economic Performance

Our success directly benefits all stakeholders.

5-Year Target
: Operating profit (EBIT) above 12-14% of net sales.

Sustainable Solutions

We are leading the industry. We are pioneering a portfolio of sustainable products, systems and services.

5-Year Target: All new product developments assessed. All road map projects implemented.

Local communities/society

We build trust and create value – with customers, communities and with the society.

5-Year Target: 5% more projects per year.


Less Impact


We manage resources and costs carefully.

5-Year Target: minus 3% per ton and year.


We increase the water and material efficiency.

5-Year Target: minus 3% rate per ton and year.

Occupational Safety

Our people leave the workplace healthy.

5-Year Target: accident rate minus 5% per year.