In today’s world, social, economic and ecological issues are closely intertwined. Social responsibility is the necessary component of success. Mindful of its obligations, Sika actively engages in sustainable and humanitarian development projects, either as a member of international organizations or directly on the spot. Sika’s social involvement also embraces the sponsorship of organizations and initiatives in the fields of science, culture and sport.

Social Sponsoring at Sika is mainly organized through the Romuald Burkard Foundation. It's fields of activities: community support, buildings and infrastructure for social projects, technological education of construction people and relief in the aftermath of catastrophes.


  • Operation Smile, Thailand
  • Operation Smile, Vietnam
  • Samrakshana, India

Ecological sponsoring is focussing on water projects, building and infrastructure and renewable energy. Global Nature Fund and ecological sponsoring


  • Laguna de Fúquene, Colombia
  • Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
  • Kandara, Kenya
  • Hovsgol, Mongolia
  • Bujumbura, Burundi
  • Lake Chapal, Mexico