Direct Glazing

For over 20 years, Sika has been providing OEM assembly lines with adhesive and sealant solutions for sealing, bonding and direct glazing. Manual and automated pre-treatment options, that eliminate the need for black primers, are available to fit the needs of a variety of OEM application processes. These create significant cost savings and generate manufacturing process simplification and result in higher quality products for lower total systems costs.
Sika offers a wide range of adhesive technologies to suit all direct glazing applications. Specific Sikaflex solutions are available to suit cold, warm and hot application processes. Proprietary Sikaflex materials are capable of retaining the glass in position following installation, allowing for elimination of secondary clips, fixings and tape. Sikaflex materials can also provide low electrically conductive properties for elimination of galvanic corrosion and reduction of antenna signal loss. The SikaTack Booster range provides the ultimate solution for OEMs seeking excellent mechanical properties with the shortest possible full cure time. Unlike traditional two-component systems, this accelerated one-component system has the significant benefit of full material cure, regardless of the presence of the Booster, providing enhanced process quality, consistency and security.

Bumper Modules

Truck end users demand maximum durability from their vehicles. Day-to-day vehicle use in harsh environmental conditions is combined with tough operating conditions involving frequent low speed impacts due to parking, loading and general driving conditions.
Sika has formulated a range of specialist material for assembly of bumper system applications. SikaForce two-component polyurethane combines high strength with good flexibility. SikaFast two component methyl methacrylate structural adhesive provides high strength and excellent impact resistance with low surface preparation. Both solutions provide excellent adhesion to glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP/FRP), polyester sheet molding compound (SMC), reinforced reaction injection molded (RRIM) polyurethane, engineering thermoplastic alloys, coated steel and aluminum.

Exterior Plastic Parts

Truck designers and manufacturers are using an increasing level of thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials to construct exterior trim components. Typical applications for such materials include upper and lower grill assemblies, exterior door extensions, spoilers and aerofoils, wiper panels, mirror housings, mud guards, headlamps and side cab trim. Thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials are selected due to their ability to provide benefits in weight reduction, impact resistance, design flexibility, paint elimination and component consolidation.
Sika has a specially formulated range of materials for bonding of exterior parts. Sikaflex provides high performance elastic assembly within an easy to use one component formulation. Sikaflex can also be combined with Sika's proprietary Booster system to provide rapid full cure for applications requiring fast assembly speeds. SikaForce two-component polyurethane combines high strength with good flexibility. SikaFast two-component methyl methacrylate and Acrylic Double Performance (ADP) structural adhesives provide high strength and excellent impact resistance with low surface preparation. This comprehensive technology range is compatible with all commonly used substrates in the truck market, and can provide a wide range of cure speeds and mechanical properties to suit the needs of all customer applications.

Interior Trim

Vehicle owner operators have driven a significant increase in interior comfort and functionality in recent years, requiring the use of an increasingly diverse mix of interior plastics and fabrics. Performance requirements for interior components have increased, with higher operational temperature requirements, improved emissions and environmental performance needs and reduced component cost and cycle time in production. Sika has developed several hot melt, solvent based and water based solutions to create strong adhesion to many substrates. SikaMelt, SikaTherm and SikaSense technologies are used in the lamination and bonding of a variety of interior applications including instrument panels, interior door trim, carpet,pillar trim,head liners,centre consoles,stowage bins and seat assemblies.
SikaMelt offers customers a range of formulations to meet a variety of substrate and process requirements. SikaMelt provides good initial green strength without pretreatment, and is ideal for high speed assembly operations. SikaTherm water based adhesives are high performance single- and dualcomponent polyurethane dispersion systems suitable for manual or automated application. SikaTherm formulations are suitable for pressure and vacuum lamination, and are capable of meeting the highest durability and long term ageing standards. SikaSense is a traditional solvent based adhesive developed for high performance pressure sensitive adhesive dispersions used for tape and sound damping applications.

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Noise and Vibration Damping

Truck operators and government bodies are demanding ever lower standards of interior and exterior vehicle noise. Sika has formulated two high technology solutions to facilitate significant reductions in vehicle noise by absorption of vibration within the vehicle body.
SikaBaffle is a pre-shaped moulded thermoplastic or extruded rubber based product used to significantly improve acoustic performance. SikaBaffle is inserted in the vehicle structure during body shop assembly and expands during exposure to the E-Coat/KTL oven.
SikaDamp products are twin layer lightweight acoustic pads based on butyl rubber. They are used to damp vibrations in vehicle body panels and are available with different acoustic ratings to suit specific types of application. SikaDamp pads are machine punched to the required size and shape.
Sikaflex one-component polyurethane and hybrid sealants are typically applied in the trim shop environment and provide an excellent barrier to moisture and external noise ingress from outside the cabin.

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