Commercial Vessels

Commercial Vessels


Resistant to weathering and seawater, Sikaflex-291 is the perfect all-rounder: an all-purpose flexible marine sealant that bonds extremely well to all standard materials used in boat construction. Its outstanding elasticity ensures a durable, long-lasting seal alike all other Sikaflex Marine sealants and adhesives. Sikaflex-291 features 1-component, easy to apply, high elastomeric characteristics.

Sealing Applications:

  • Bilges
  • Chain plates
  • Deck Fittings & Hardware
  • Hatches
  • Ports

Bonding Panels, Fitting, Hardware, Rubrails and Fender etc.

Joints that are subject to extreme dynamic stresses require a long-lasting high strength elastic adhesive with good gap-filling capabilities. Sikaflex-292, with its excellent shock-absorbing and vibration-damping properties, has been specially developed to meet these requirements in the punishing marine environment. When your safety may depend on it, only the best is good enough.

Bonding Applications:

  • Panels
  • Bulkheads
  • Hatches
  • Struts

Bonding for Mineral and Organic Window

Sikaflex-296 has been formulated for use on all types of mineral glass windows. The high- performance, yet elastic Sikaflex-296 adhesive is especially designed for bridging tolerances enhancing high modular performance. UV resistance renders the product suitable as a back-filler simultaneously.

Bonding Applications:

  • Windows and panoramic glasses

Fire Proofing and Cable Ducts

Fire is one of the most dreaded situations that can be encountered at sea. With no feasible means of escape, there is little option but to combat the blaze. Therefore, all apertures used for power distribution must be fire protected. The same precautions apply to electrical conduits, tube systems, air conditioning channels and service shafts. The Sika Cable-Duct Fire protection System has been specially developed for this purpose. This quick, simple and efficient system meets all international fire protection safety standards.

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Primary Deck Covering and Acoustic Damping

On board ships, there are several dominant sound and vibration sources like diesel engines, gearboxes and propellers that transmit these kinds of energy. As a consequence, floors are not only expected to be smooth and level, but to play a major part in noise and vibration suppression. Sika offers a range of products each of which have a floor levelling and smoothing aspect as well as varying degrees of noise and vibration reduction properties in order to meet the requirements from both ship owners and regulatory bodies.

LPG Tanker Insulation

LPG tankers have tanks that pose a unique challenge for naval engineers and architects. The liquefied gas is carried at a temperature of -62°C, requiring that the tanks are well insulated. This insulation is contained between two skins of steel, one forming the inner liquid gas storage vessel and an outer one that provides protection for both the inner tank and the insulation.
The insulation is provided by foamed polystyrene slabs that are bonding with two component polyurethane adhesives called SikaForce ensuring fast working processes and high durability.

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