Sprayed Mortars and Gunites

Sika MonoTop®-610 T

Sika MonoTop®-610 T is a one component, cementitious, polymer modified slurry containing Silica fume and corrosion inhibitors.

Sika MonoTop®-614 T

Sika MonoTop®-614 T is a cementitious, silicafume containing, fibre reinforced, high performance, polymer modified one-component repair mortar.

Sika MonoTop®-615 HB

1-component Cement based Polymer Modified High Build Repair Mortar for Overhead.

Sikacrete® Gunit-103

Sikacrete® Gunit-103 is a cementitious one component repair mortar containing microsilica and super plasticisers to enhance application and performance properties. Sikacrete® Gunit-103 does not contain set accelerators and is gun applied using the dry spray process.

SikaCem® Gunit-133

1-component, Unaccelerated, Cementitious Polymer-Modified Silica-Fume based Gunite Mortar.