Epoxy Primers and Moisture Barriers


3-component solvent free Epoxy Resin based mortar for patching and screeding industrial floors subject to heavy traffic.

Sikafloor®-161 HC

2-part low viscosity solvent free Epoxy Primer, Levelling Mortar, Intermidiate Layer, and Mortar Screed (For Sikafloor® 263 SL HC and Sikafloor® 264 HC).

Sikagard®-75 EpoCem®

Sikagard®-75 EpoCem® is a 3-component epoxy-modified cementitious sealing and levelling mortar, suitable for application to most mineral based substrates.
Its specific balanced formulation ensures that the properties of the hydrated cement are both complemented and enhanced by the integral epoxy mortar.

Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem®

3-component, Cementitious, Epoxy-Modified Self-Leveling Floor Topping and Temporary Moisture Barrier.