Sealing Strip

Sika® MultiSeal AP

Sika® MultiSeal AP is a self-adhesive, rubber modified bituminous sealing tape laminated with an aluminium foil on the upper side.

Sika® MultiSeal BT AP

Sika® MultiSeal BT AP is self-adhesive sealing tape made of a butyl rubber compound, protected by
a reinforced aluminium metal film.

Sika® SealTape S

Sika® SealTape S is an elastic waterproof sealing tape with a woven bonding mesh on each surface and an elastic expansion zone in the centre and is used for waterproofing movement and connection joints. The product is a component of a complete sealing system used in conjunction with a waterproofing membrane, tile adhesive and ceramic tiles to achieve a waterproof finish in wet rooms and around wet areas. Internal and external use.