Sika AnchorFix®-1

Solvent and styrene free based, two-component polyester anchoring adhesive.

Sika AnchorFix®-2

Solvent and styrene free, epoxy acrylate based, 2-component anchoring adhesive.

Sikadur®-31 CF Normal

Sikadur®-31 CF Normal is a moisture tolerant, thixotropic, structural 2-component adhesive and repair mortar, based on a combination of epoxy resins and special fillers, designed for use at temperatures between +10 °C and +30 °C.

Sikadur®-42 TH

A solvent-free, 3-component, pourable grout, based on a combination of high strength epoxy resins and specially graded aggregates. After mixing, it forms
a flowable mortar, suitable for grouting and filling.

Sikadur®-52 TH

A 2-component, solvent-free, low viscosity injection-liquid, based on high strength epoxy resins. After mixing, it is injected into cavities and cracks in concrete where it cures to a rigid high strength material.