Question : We used epoxy flooring in our factory before but found that it was easily damaged hence did not last long?

Answer : This usually happens when the specification for the flooring system does not take the in service conditions of the floor into account.  

Question : Is epoxy toxic?   

Answer : In principal when handling epoxy based materials it is recommended to wear protective clothing because in a liquid state the material can be harmful in case of prolonged exposure. For more details, please consult us.

Question : Can epoxy flooring be applied to moist concrete surfaces and is it resistant to acids and alkali?   

Answer : Sika has developed the so-called EpoCem technology suitable for application on moist concrete also acting as a temporary moisture barrier to enable subsequent epoxy topcoat application. Epoxy based flooring materials are able to resist many chemicals, details refers pertaining technical data sheets.

Question : I would like to use an epoxy flooring material that is easy to apply, but we need technical support to instruct our workers at job site. Is this possible? 

Answer : Yes, please don’t hesitate to contact the Sika representative prior to the selection of materials to meet your requirement. Then we can send a technical expert to instruct your worker at job site.

Question : The advantage of epoxy flooring depends on the thickness, right?   

Answer : The thickness is governed by the mechanical and chemical exposure, i.e. for foot traffic and light trolleys 0.5 - 1.0 mm thickness would be sufficient.  With increasing load of vehicles and frequency of traffic exposure the thickness increases.