Question : What are Carbodur and SikaWrap?   

Answer : Carbodur and SikaWrap are Carbon Fiber Reinforce Polymer (CFRP) made from Polyacrylonitil at high temperature more than 1,000 degree celcius and be in fabric form. SikaWrap is fabric type CFRP but Carbodur is a laminated or strip type which made by binding fibers together in strip form by epoxy. Epoxy will assist in transfer force between each fiber.

Question : What is the advantage of CFRP over steel?  

Answer : No corrosion, maintenance free, high tensile strength, light weight, easy to apply especially in confine space, not increase much dead load, easy to transport, can be cut to design length, thin size, not reduce space of floor to ceiling. Disadvantage: Material cost is higher than steel, low resistance to high temperature, no yield point like steel.

Question : When should we use Carbodur or SikaWrap in strengthening?

Answer : Carbodur and SikaWrap can be used in this situation - When having change in function of the structure - Damaged structure such as corrosion of steel reinforcement, fire, seimic or earth quake - To have opening in existing structure – Structure which is under design or have mistake in construction.

Question : How can I know the quantity of Carbodur and SikaWrap to use in my strengthening project?  

Answer : The structural engineer can help you in calculation to find out for the quantity of the strips or the fabric by using strain compatability theory. Now Sika has developed the design calculation program for Carbodur and SikaWrap base on fib standard.  

Question : Why should one use Sika Repair Mortar instead of cement and sand?

Answer : Sika Repair Mortar is less prone to cracking, shows a much improved bond to concrete and mortar and contains a corrosion inhibitor.