Skimcoat and Rendering

Lanko is the first and orignial skimcoat in Thailand. It can be used to level uneven surfaces and give a smooth surface with beautiful appearance for wall and ceiling.


Lanko has a variety of quality products for floor which include floor hardener, self Levellling mortar and surface protection.

Technical Mortars

Lanko is the leading and expert in Technical Mortars. The mortars are used to strengthen and repair concrete structures for building and infrastructure projects.


Lanko has extensive range of waterproofing products that prevent leakage. There are 2 types of technology, cementitious and water based polymer.


Lanko has a variety of sealants to match your needs of joint and sealing. The product range includes polyurethane, acrylic and cementitious


Lanko admixture products help enhance the efficiency of conrete or plaster, and it protects the steel from corrosion and extends the life of concrete.