Sika Thailand helps to absorb carbon dioxide by increasing of mangrove forest at Klong Tamhru, Chonburi, Thailand

As a global company, Sika Thailand is committed to sustainable development.  “More value, less impact” refers to Sika’s commitment to maximize the value of our solutions and contributions to all stakeholders while reducing risks and resource consumption.

Sika Thailand is very much aware and understand the importance of mangrove forest planting which can offset carbon footprint.  Mangrove forests are excellent carbon sinks, or absorbers of carbon dioxide, a good way to reduce global warming.  Mangrove forest at 100 square meters can help to absorb carbon dioxide 0.35 ton. We mark June or July of each year as the “Sika Thailand Mangrove Forest Day”.  

This year on 19 June, Sika Thailand employees attend mangrove forestation activity at Klong Tamru mangrove forest in Chonburi province.  We plant the mangrove about 150 trees.  We are happy to be a part of ecological sustainability project aiming to increase green areas and mangrove forests in order to mitigate air pollution problem and  maintain the balance of the natural ecosystem.