Leiden, Netherlands

The historic center of Leiden has many museums, shops, theaters and catering establishments. It is a pedestrian zone without car traffic. The project Lammermarkt Parking Garage is one of the two car parks which are located within walking distance of the historic center and provide parking space for the visitors. This new underground parking has 525 spacious parking spaces and eight charging stations for electric cars. Every floor has a certain number of disabled parking spaces. 

Project Requirements

In collaboration with the Dura Vermeer – BESIX combination, JHK Architects created the design for the parking garage under the Lammermarkt. The design is an architectural masterpiece under the ground and combined the functionality and the mode of construction in an elegant way, with respect to the monumental city center surrounding.

The cylindrical form of the garage is not only the basis for a user-friendly parking garage, the compactness of the volume also minimizes interference with the monumental buildings surrounding it. To realize the visual effect of the designed car park space, high quality car park flooring and wall systems with tailored color shades are required.

Sika Solutions

With clear orientation, spacious parking spaces and easily found stairs and lifts, the Lammermarkt Parking Garage provides a delightful parking experience. The traffic is well planned with signs, arrows, icons and other indicators of directions by the architect to ensure the safety. The orange back wall on the parking levels and the orange floor edging in the central void reinforce the spatial character of the parking garage and give the interior depth and color.

The Sikafloor® MultiDur EB-14 AT park deck system was specified and applied by VLAQ Infra en Industrie B.V. together with the Sika flooring team.

Recently, the ESPA Gold Award was awarded to this carpark. The ESPA (European Standard Parking Award) is an award on behalf of the EPA (European Parking Association). The Gold Award is granted to garages with an excellent score on their safety, quality and customer-friendliness.

In addition to the ESPA Gold Award, the garage was also awarded the Rijnlandse Architectuurprijs 2017, a public award which is awarded every biennial to the best spatial design in the region of Leiden, and the Betonprijs 2017 in the category 'Execution'.

Products Used

Sikafloor® MultiDur EB-14 

Project Participants

Municipality of Leiden


JHK Architects

Main Contractor

Dura Vermeer BESIX Combinatie Parkeergarages Leiden


VLAQ Infra en Industrie B.V.