No surface finishing covering allows as much possibility and creativity as a tiled surface – from graphic patterns and matte finish, to wood imitation and glass tiles. Many shapes, textures and colors in all sizes can be used in almost infinite combinations – the geometric puzzle comes together in any design you can dream of. The critical part comes when choosing how to install this beautiful tiled surface.  From decorative tiled surfaces to highly functional tiled wall and floor finishes, tiling is one of the most popular surface finishing techniques used to enhance the appearance and functionality of all types of buildings and facilities. It is always crucial to select the right tile and the right tile installation system for each different area of the specific project. This should include the correct surface preparation, waterproofing (if required), tile adhesive, tile grout and sealant.

Sika Provides Tile Setting Systems Which Benefit Your Project

  • We provide a guaranteed, comprehensive system approach and supply compatible products that can be used as integrated systems.
  • Our comprehensive range of products allows you to find the most suitable solution for new and repair projects, both indoor and outdoor, from one private home bathroom up to the largest scale, highrise project.
  • We have solutions that can be successfully applied in wet areas, like bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, and more critically watertight projects, such as swimming pools.
  • Our tile systems enable tile setters to achieve professional results quickly and cost-effectively.

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Application Examples for Sika Tile Setting Systems

Illustration of large format tile setting adhesive in terrace of home with designer bench and garden
Tiling with Large-Format Ceramic
Illustration of tile setting adhesives in living room with yellow sofa
Tiling with Porcelain Stoneware
Illustration of tile setting adhesives and tiles on drywall in lobby with chairs
Tiling on Drywall in Dry Areas
Illustration of tile setting adhesives and waterproofing tape for wet area bathroom with purple and white mosaic tiles, sink and bathtub
Tiling in Wet Rooms
Illustration of tile setting adhesives at entry door terrace with marble stone tiles in black and white
Tiling with Marble, Granite & Other Natural Stone
Illustration of tile setting adhesives and waterproofing tape on balcony with furniture overlooking harbor bay city view
Tiling on New or Renovated Balconies
Illustration of tile setting adhesives on facade at terrace of home
Tiling on Facades
Illustration of tile setting adhesives and waterproofing tape inside swimming pool with blue mosaic tiles
Tiling in and around Swimming Pools