Wherever you go - Sika is there!

Sika products have been approved on many projects and the biggest job sites in Thailand, and why not for the home owner?

Sika Thailand also makes available its full range of the highest quality construction chemicals on shelves through hardware stores and retail shops around Thailand and Laos. Our products offer you a wide range of solutions, which goes from sealants, to waterproofing, to concrete repair, to flooring systems and so much more!

Our mortars provide specialized products for surface protection, concrete repair and protection, structural grout, waterproofing membranes and tiling products.

Our sealing products include a wide range of high-performance and durable sealants, tapes, spray foams and elastic adhesives for the building envelope and interior finishing. Typical applications are the sealing of movement joints between facade elements to make buildings weatherproof and the bonding of wood floors to reduce noise.

Whether you are building new or renovating or decorating, Sika has the solutions to ensure your job is done quickly, efficiently and safely.

Discover Sika's solutions by downloading this brochure to find out what products to be used that will help solve your problems.

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