Loft cement is ready-made cement used for plastering new walls or old walls that need to be renovated to create a pattern similar to bare concrete and have a different style Do-it-yourself loft wall can be done easily in no time and inexpensive. Therefore, it is very popular in loft style home decoration or Industrial Loft.

Why is it recommended to use LANKO Loft?

  • Cement texture gives a strong surface, excellent adhesion, not peeling off, not cracking.
  • Easy to use, just mix with water and use immediately.
  • Can be plastered over many layers to get the desired pattern.
  • Can be used inside and outside, resistant to sunlight and rain.
  • Can be used with many surfaces such as concrete, plaster, smart board, artificial wood.
  • Can be used on painted walls. Or old cement walls that do not fall off or crack.
  • Wall wax is water based. Does not contain thinners no pungent smell safe for users.

LANKO LOFT Color Shades

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Remark  The actual color of the product may differ from the color shown above due to computer color display or mobile phone.

LANKO LOFT  Loft cement that is easy to use, just mix with water. Used for decorative plastering and creating patterns on walls in a loft style. Showing the bare cement texture that looks cool, unusual, unique, strong, durable and can be plastered over many layers to get more thickness and clearer patterns waterproof feature. It can be used for exterior and interior plastering. LANKO Loft is available in 2 shades are grey and light grey.

LANKO LOFT WAX  Water based wall wax. It does not contain volatile substances and is non-flammable, safe, odorless, waterproof, used for interior and exterior wall coatings. Make the walls shiny and beautiful Protect the wall surface from various stains. It provides a shiny surface look more dimensional when used as the last step after LANKO LOFT is completely dry.