Sikament® F-4

High range water-reducing concrete admixture

Sikament® F-4 is a high-range water reducer (HRWR) type concrete admixture of the new generation for the production of high strength concrete with increased acceleration for early strength development.

Sikament® F-4 provides the following properties:
As superplasticizer:
  • Substantial improvement in workability without increase of w/c ratio
  • No segregation
  • Normal set without retardation
  • Accelerated hardening after setting
  • Improved density and surface finish
As high-range water reducer:
  • With up to 30% water reduction, and increase of the 28 days strength of up to 40% can be achieved
  • Early stength increased of more than 100% can easily be achieved (depending on dosage and w/c ratio)
  • Increased impermeability to water
  • Improved resistance to wear and abrasion
As retempering of concrete:
  • Added into mixing truck on site to increase workability (slump) of concrete