Sikament® FX

High Range Water-Reducing Concrete Admixture

Sikament® FX is a highly effective water-reducing agent and superplasticizer for promoting accelerated early and ultimate strength development.

Sikament® FX provides the following properties :
As a Superplasticizer
  • Substantial improvement in workability without increased water or the risk of segregation
  • Normal set without retardation, even when overdosed
  • Improved density and surface finish
As a Water Reducer
  • 20- 30% water reduction
  • 40% increase in 28 day strengths
  • High strengths after 8 hours
  • Increased frost-resistance
  • Increased watertightness
As retempering of Concrete
Improve workability (slump) of concrete when added into mixing truck onsite by 1-5 litre/one truck and mixing time along 2-3 minutes.