Sika® Pump

Concrete pumping admixture

Sika® Pump is a universal concrete admixture to improve the pumpability of difficult concrete mixes and protect concrete pumps and pipes from excessive wear.

  • Sika® Pump greatly increases the internal cohesion, plasticity and flexibility of the fresh concrete. This gives a considerable improvement in the workability and particularly the pumping characteristics of concrete mixes. Disjointed, jerky concrete pumping is greatly reduced or prevented and pump efficiency is significantly improved.
  • The stress on the pipes and the concrete pump is reduced with Sika® Pump and their life is extended.
  • Sika® Pump has no negative effects on the hardened concrete properties.
  • Sika® Pump does not contain chlorides or any other substances that cause reinforcement corrosion and can be used without restriction for reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.