Sikament® TP

Initial Set and Workability Extending Superplasticizer and Waterproofing Admixture for Concrete

Sikament® TP is used as a highly effective water reducing agent and superplasticizer for the production of high quality concrete in hot climates. The dual action of Sikament® TP extends the workability and initial setting of high quality concrete whilst promoting later accelerated hardening and high early and ultimate strengths.

Sikament® TP provides the following properties :
  • Substantial improvement in workability without increased water
  • Initial set and workability extension in hot climates
  • Accelerated hardening after setting
  • Significant increase of early and ultimate strengths
  • Especially suitable for concreting at elevated temperatures
  • Increased watertightness
  • Improved surface finish
  • Reduced shrinkage and creep
  • Chloride-free, does not attack reinforcement
  • Increased resistant to wear and abrasion