Sika® Separol® W-320 WB1

Emulsion Based Formwork Release Agent

A carefully blended combination of refined mineral oil and emulsifying agents which must be diluted with water prior to use. The maximum dilution rate is 5 parts water to 1 part Sika® Separol® W-320 WB1 concentrate. The range of dilutions give easy release of formwork and high quality surface finishes to concrete.

Sika® Separol® W-320 WB1 concentrate is specially formulated to provide the following properties :
  • It is suspension and sediment free, highly fluid liquid which can be used in very fine sprays without clogging the jets.
  • Very economic coverage rates can be obtained without difficulty.
  • Continued use gives progressively better results on timber formwork.
  • Provides a quick, positive release of formwork, reducing labour costs and damage to formwork and moulds.
  • It drastically reduces the incidence of blowholes, surface blemishes and staining.
  • All tools can be cleaned with water.
  • It is an effective rust inhibitor.