Sikacrete® Gunit-103

Machine applied repair mortar

Sikacrete® Gunit-103 is a cementitious one component repair mortar containing microsilica and super plasticisers to enhance application and performance properties. Sikacrete® Gunit-103 does not contain set accelerators and is gun applied using the dry spray process.

  • One component mortar - ready for use.
  • Rapid strength development without use of accelerators.
  • Layer thicknesses up to 150mm overhead are possible in one application.
  • Drying shrinkage approx. 600 microstrain at 28 days
  • Improved sulphate resistance.
  • High density, excellent compaction.
  • Low rebound, minimum waste, minimum dust.
  • Good adhesion to existing concrete.
  • Greatly reduced labour, scaffolding and formwork costs.
  • Increased speed and efficiency of repair work.
  • Can be trowelled and screeded after application.
  • Application can be stopped or started at any time.
  • Ideal for use in conditions where access is difficult.
  • Manufactured to give a consistent and assured level of performance.