Holes or cavities that are gaps from drilling in the wall installation of construction materials, air conditioning or plumbing pipes, cavity floor problem, joints between doors and windows, problems with roofs, ceilings, walls of houses, cracks or holes which causing water to leak out. These are problems that are encountered in everyday life and often create difficulties in repairing, especially that gap in the narrow area that it difficult to repair. Spray foam to seal leak is a solution to this problem and is popular with construction and DIY professionals who use it in new construction, refurbishment and general repair work.

Sika Boom AP is a polyurethane spray foam sealant or that many people are often referred to in different names as spray PU foam, spray foam or PU foam that has good expansion properties. Used for filling holes or closing gaps in the roof area, air ducts, ventilation ducts, joints of door and window frames, various cracks both inside and outside the building waterproof and leakproof. Spray foam is available in can and easy to use with nozzle valve. When injected for the first time, the foam has a mousse-like foam and hardens when exposed to the humidity of the air.

Sika's Expansion PU Foam Have Many Advantages


Holes or gaps to be repaired are likely to be horizontal, vertical, overhead or even in very narrow and difficult to work areas. Sika designed the spray foam to be able to be used in every position in every direction both vertically and horizontally in 360°

High expansion rate

Foam texture is high expand rate, can be filled to the cavities, filled gaps well, maintains its shape well, does not shrink or expand later, strong and durable.

* 1 can of PU foam spray (500 ml)  expandable 25 liters approx.

High adhesion

Good adhesion to many types of surfaces such as cement, concrete, wood, glass, plastic, etc., thus allowing the spray foam to be applied in a variety of areas.

Easy to use

The cavities can be filled with foam spray by yourself. when injected the foam will react to harden within 10 minutes after injection and foam can be trimmed within 30 minutes.

Can be cut and over painted

Pulpy foam, light yellow, can use a cutter to cut off the excess foam and can also be painted over.

Thermal and sound insulation

Spray foam can sealing for waterproofing through It can also be an insulator against heat, cold and sound insulation.


Environmentally friendly, odorless and does not contain harmful substances that pollute the environment. It safe for users and residents and can be used in enclosed spaces.

Store and reuse

Nozzle and foam body of Sika’s foam spray designed to be reusable.

The process of store and reusing

Example Application


Filling gap under the roof structure


Filling joint around air conditioning vents


Filling joints around window and door frames


Filling gap around pipe


Filling large cavities


Filling gap around pipe channel

Video - How to use Sika Boom AP

Video - How to reuse Sika Boom AP