Bolikhamxai, Laos PDR

Nam Theun 1 Dam is located on the Nam Kadding River, Bolikhamxay Province, Lao People's Democratic Republic. It is a large dam, constructed of Roller Compacted Concrete ( RCC), with a dam ridge of 771 meters long, 177 meters high, with a reservoir area of 9,360 hectares, or approximately 58,500 rai, capable of holding about 3,000 million cubic meters of water, a capacity of 650 MW (EGAT =260x2 & EDL =130x1), capable of generating 2,562 gigawatts hours of electricity per year.


Project requirements

Nam Theun 1 HPP will be the highest RCC curved gravity dam in Laos PDR as of today. The Concrete volume of the Main RCC dam is expected to be close to 4 million m3. Sika Thailand has been active in this project since the beginning of the EW2 (Early Work 2) by supplying shotcrete admixtures to Right Tunnelling (Thai) from November 2015 until January 2017 to build the Diversion Tunnel.

Sika solution

Sika Thailand proposed the supply of the main concrete admixtures by the flexibag concept. This accepted as such concept besides to be economical, limits the waste of emptied packing on site. Sika Thailand secured the supply of special and high end waterstops from Sika Greenstreak and Sika Germany (Tricosal) and also supply other Sika product for finishing work such as Sika Flooring, Refurbishment ,and Sealing & Bonding products.

Sika products used


Plastiment ®TM 28
Sigunit® L53 TH
SikaPlast® 204 TH
Sikament® 520
SikaFiber® Force PP48
Sika® Separol® W-398 C
Antisol® E
Antisol® S


Sikafloor®-3 QuartzTop
Sikafloor® ColourSeal
Sikafloor® ProSeal-22
Sikafloor® 264 HC
SikaCor® VEL TH


Sika® Greenstreak
Sika® Greenstreak 714
Sika® Greenstreak 719
Sika® Greenstreak 905
Sika® Greenstreak 958
PVC Waterstop
Sika® Elastomer FM 500
SikaFuko® VT 2

Sealing and Bonding

Sikaflex® PRO-3 WF
Sika® Backing Rod
Sika® Joint Filler


SikaGrout® 214-11 TH
SikaGrout® 212 HP TH
Sika® MonoTop®-412 TH
SikaRep® S
Sika Latex®

Project participants

Nam Theun 1 Power Co.,Ltd.

CMC, ITD, SONG DA Joint Venture, Sino Hydro Corporation

Bolikamxay, Laos PDR.