Sika understand that with any specialist sealant and adhesive application, the preparation of the joint is just as important, if not more so, than the correct application of the sealant itself.
Sika has provided a range of primers and other accessories such as back up rod to help the sealing and bonding to be more complete, more strength and more effective whether it is a structural sealant work such as a precast concrete joint or general joint sealant.

Sealants Primer : Sika® Primer-3 N is a solvent-based primer, used to accelerate adhesion on porous substrates (e.g. concrete) and metals for Sikaflex®, SikaHyflex®, SikaBond® and Sikasil®. It's easy to use, just apply with a brush with water repellent properties.

Sealants Back Up Material : Sika® Back Up Rod is a back up material for cold applied Sika sealants to give the sealant the correct thickness. It available in various sizes and lengths, highly flexible, water and temperature resistant. Sika® Back Up Rod compatible with cold applied sealants (polyurethane, silicones)