Davco Ultra Epoxy Tile Grout


Davco Ultra Epoxy Tile Grout is a 100% solid epoxy grout with very high performance. It offers maximum protection against staining and chemical damage. It is suitable for immersed water areas.

  • High performance 2 components 100% solid
    epoxy grout.
  • For tile gap between 1 - 15 mm.
  • Excellent bonding strength, can be used for tiling.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical, black mold and stain.
  • Suitable for fully immersed area such as swimming
    pool, fish pond, fountain and spa.
  • Suitable for high hygienic installations such as
    hospitals, factory, veterinary clinic, commercial
    kitchen and laboratories.
  • Easy to apply and easy to clean up.
  • 3 colors available.