Elastic Liquid Waterproofing

Sikalastic®-450 (i) TH

Sikalastic®-450 (i) TH is a ready to use, cold applied, single component, Polyurethane modified bitumen emulsion.


Sikalastic®-560 is a cold-applied, one-component waterborne liquid applied waterproofing membrane, highly elastic and UV resistant.

Sika® Roofseal

Sika® Roofseal is modified acrylates a thixotropic, cold applied, elastic material on a polymer modified acrylates basic.

Sika® Roofseal forms a seamless and joint-free, watertight, flexible and elastic membrane, thereby making the surface treated absolutely impervious to water. By virtue of its formulation, the cured membrane is resistant to ultra violet radiation and exhibits excellent resistance to aggressive attacks from industrial pollution.

Sika® Roofseal is also very useful for complete waterproofing with decorative finish on corroded corrugated metal sheets.

SikaProof® Membrane (paste)

1-component Bitumen based Polymer Modified Highly Elastic Waterproof Cold Apply Liquid Membrane.